Mostra de Chirico a Palazzo Reale di Milano

Mostra de Chirico Milano

MILANO | 25.09.19 - 19.01.20


Guided Tours for adults

For the Giorgio de Chirico exhibition, MilanoGuida presents the following educational service for groups of adults.

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De Chirico unveiled

The guided visit is a path of discovery of many aspects of the life and work of George de Chirico, aimed at understanding the Metaphysical poetic so dear to him until he subsequently developed in different ways. Through continuous literary references and the readings of excerpts from his writings, viewers will complete a personal journey through the works of art on display, many of them exhibited for the first time in Milan.
The illustration of the works in exhibition will be placed within a historical context ranging from mythology to Surrealism, from the Novecento group to the avant-gardes, shedding light on the historical period and the artistic culture in which de Chirico's work unfolded, in a fruitful exchange between European and American art and in an lively increasingly art market.

  • Price: € 110 in italian – € 130 in foreign language
    Languages available: english, french, spanish
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Group size: 15 – 25 visitors

Between literature and image: Manzoni and de Chirico (route: exhibition layout + exterior)

One very Milanese, the other Milanese by adoption: between Alessandro Manzoni and Giorgio de Chirico there runs a slender thread that can still be traced through the streets of the city. The guided tour extends through the streets of Milan and between the lines of the famous novel I promessi sposi (“The Betrothed”) creating a close parallel between the literary work and the illustrations that Giorgio de Chirico produced to illustrate the 1965 edition, while also shedding light on the changes that the city has undergone from the time of Manzoni to the present day.

  • Price: € 150 in italian
    Language available: italian
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Group size: 15 – 25 visitors

Giorgio de Chirico's Milan (route Exhibition + exterior)

The Milan of the early decades of the 1900s was a wealthy city and extremely lively both artistically and economically. There were numerous art galleries that competed to buy the latest works by the most prominent painters and sculptors, prominent among them Giorgio de Chirico.
During his stay in the city in the 1930s, Giorgio de Chirico collaborated with the principal Milanese artistic institutions, from La Scala Opera House to the Triennale, becoming a staple of Milanese culture. The guided tour will analyze the relationship between de Chirico and Milan, shedding particular light on urban changes and on the way the piazzas, a theme so dear to the painter, were redeveloped at the beginning of the twentieth century.

  • Price: € 150 in italian
    Language available: italian
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Group size: 15 – 25 visitors

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Exhibition "de Chirico"

Palazzo Reale, Milano


Piazza del Duomo, 12, 10122 Milan
From September 25th 2019 to January 19th 2020
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Mostra de Chirico
Palazzo Reale, Piazza del Duomo, 12 - 20122 Milano
Dal 25/09/2019 al 19/01/2020.

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